admissions procedures

1. Submit a Completed Student Application Form along with the non-refundable application fee per student. This includes: *Application
*Transcripts from Previous Schools
*Copy of a valid Birth Certificate
*Proof of completion of previous grade and national scores of 50% or greater in reading, math and language on any standardized tests taken
*Non-refundable fee
2. Receive acknowledgement of receipt from the Main Office.  A tour, interview, and possibly an assessment will be scheduled. This entrance exam may best be scheduled on a "Shadow Day" during which the student will get to meet the teacher, students, and visit the classrooms to ensure Salem is a great fit.  
3. If accepted, an enrollment contract must be submitted - to be signed by both parents (if applicable), the Principal, and the Office Registrar. Parent/s should receive the Schedule of Charges and a Tuition Reduction Application if desired.  
4.  Submit a certification of immunization (required by Illinois State Law) prior to attending scHOOL.
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